About Jhari

One important component of five basic elements (Panchabhutas) is water – the eternal elixir for many an ailment, for all living beings. Giving the greatest reverence to this element, Rashi Eco Tourism Pvt. Ltd. takes up the project "JHARI" – the elegantly flowing stream of water.

Jhari raises in the bewitching backdrop near Mullayyanagiri, Kemmannugundi Road near Chikkmagalur, amidst the thickest of greenery and a natural habitat.




It is really a blessing for those lovers of nature, to seek rest and relaxation from the worldly pressure and tensions.
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Rashi eco

Seek rest and relaxation

Flowing streams stimulating senses to their pinnacle!
Mullayyanagiri and Kemmanagundi, the picturesque mountain cluster mear Chikmagalur presents us with an echoing effect of life time experience. The majestically flowing rivulets are a feast to eye and they whisper into your ears like an unending tuneful music. Jhari offers a lot of spots of various altitudes to explore by your quest for trekking. It is an adventurous sojurn in the treasures offered by nature.

Zooming away from the maddening crowds far off from choking smokes and blaring sounds, enter the unscathed abode of nature high on the hillocks playing hide and seek in cool and sultry clouds. Sweet waters running down the steep rocks and deep ravines, a perfect bass for the celestial tune, passing breezes making way out of thick woods in hues of green and tan crooning birds in umpteen tunes and tones - "Your welcome prelude to Jhari!"

Special Attraction :

  • Sight seeing
  • Trekking
  • Natural water fall
  • Many more adventurous sports
  • Bonfire
  • Food court